Cleopatra Snake Ring

Cleopatra Snake Ring


Queen Cleopatra had such an affinity with emeralds that ancient mines were named after her in Cairo.

The Cleopatra Snake Ring celebrates the eternal Diva. Hand-carved and cast in 18 carat yellow gold, her slick contemporary snake-like body boasts four natural champagne diamonds, with a pear-shaped emerald set in her head. Her diamonds impart fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude. Her emerald imparts wisdom, love and great harmony. Diamond translates as ‘Adamas’, meaning ‘Invincible’ in Greek and the Greeks revered emeralds as the gem of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Romans used emeralds to pay tribute to Venus, making this ring an eclectic mix of historical and mythical grandeur.

These particular diamonds and emeralds were sourced on my travels across India; making only the Cleopatra ring an exclusive special edition of three.  

Available in 9ct gold. Please enquire price point. 

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