The Healing Queen Diamond and Ruby Ring

The Healing Queen Diamond and Ruby Ring


Following the historical tradition of kings, priests and healers, The Healing Queen is designed to be worn on your index finger, as this finger was thought to be especially powerful.

The Healing Queen holds two of the world’s most precious and powerful gems. Rubies encourage you to follow your dreams and your bliss, teaching you how precious you are, reminding you that you were made with love. Like the butterfly, rubies are said to have a transformative power, helping you recognise the beautiful being within.

Diamonds are also said to radiate the light within, propelling you forward into your true power, helping you embrace and fulfill your spiritual destiny.
These stunning diamonds have a warm, yellow hue; only three of these special diamonds were sourced on my travels across India, making The Healing Queen an exclusive special edition of three. This piece is made to order.

Available in 9ct gold. Please enquire price point. 

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