Happy International Women's Day!

Treasure Hunting In The Pink City, Jaipur...March 8th 2018

Happy International Woman's Day !! I was sifting through this packet of rose cut, champagne diamonds today in Jaipur. As I was sifting through, I was thinking what best picture to post for this special day, and then I realised that this packet of diamonds was the perfect picture to symbolise my message to you. 'Diamond' in Greek translates as 'Adamas' - which means invincible. Women are strong and invincible ! We are also all different shapes and sizes, with different characters - just like this packet of diamonds - and equally shine with the same resplendent, beauty. And the colour 'champagne' - well, this day is a celebration after all - so let's get the champagne out and celebrate how wonderful we all are! These exquisite rose cut diamonds perfectly resemble all of us. Strong, unique, beautiful and well worth celebrating ! Celebrate yourselves daily - just as you are! Not just today...so on that note, I purchased some of these stunning rose cut, champagne coloured diamonds, for an exciting new collection coming soon. To celebrate me. To celebrate you. What better way to celebrate yourself than to buy diamonds? Thank you to all the wonderful women I have in my life - you know who you are ! 

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